Kyla Aho – Art
Tori Alesi – International Studies & Dance
Cayli Baldwin – History
Emily Bango – Social Work
Austin Cool
Austin Cool – Biochemistry
Samuel Earp
Samuel Earp – Political Science
Madison Fairchild – Health Sciences
Joanie Garcia
Joanie Garcia – Community Leadership
Megan Harris
Megan Harris – Agribusiness & Applied Economics
Hayley Hughes
Hayley Hughes – Operations & Logistics
Trevor Kanwal
Trevor Kanwal – Operations Management
Ellen Lauterjung – Strategic Communications
Kevin Lissemore
Kevin Lissemore – Political Science
Margaret Meyo – Finance
Natalie Miller– Agribusiness& Applied Economics
Anne Montalto
Anne Montalto – Human Development & Family Sciences
Abby Motter – Agriscience Education
Sarah Myers – Human Development & Family Science
Kiley Nolan
Kiley Nolan – Speech & Hearing Science
Rachel Pry
Rachel Pry – Material Science Engineering
Colleen Sauer
Colleen Sauer – Marketing
Carson Sciulli – Mechanical Engineering
Michelle S
Michelle Scott – Physics
Jarred Shellhouse – Agricultural Communication & Public Affairs
John Sparks – Computer Science and Engineering
Drew Squires
Drew Squires – Aeronautical Engineering
Shelby Thompson – Animal Sciences

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